Land Transportation

Land Transportation

Through our Land Transport Service, we provide container transportation, reefer transportation, and bulk transportation, with appropriate arrangements based on the nature of the goods being transported.

We deal with expert and reliable transport agent to ensure a proper transport of goods with reasonable prices and transport lead time. By using our service, we maintain a direct contact with the drivers, provide them with all the necessary documents needed on the road, and also we provide insurance for the goods if required.

What We Offer

  1. Provide a quotation from different transport agents.
  2. Book the truck.
  3. Prepare documents required.
  4. Follow-up with the driver till the final destination.


Ground Nuts

Also known as earth peanuts (Arachis Hypogaea)...

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Sesame Seeds

Sesame (sesamum indicum) is considered the oldest...

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Arabic Gum

Arabic Gum (Acacia) is a dried exudation...

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Millet seeds

Millets are a group of highly variable...

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Olibanum Gum

Olibarium. (Luban). also known as Frankincense is...

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Hibiscus Flower

hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is widely used in...

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Chickpea, (Cicer arietinum), also called garbanzo bean...

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Senna Pods

Senna contains a family of hydroxyanthrancene glycosides,...

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Watermelon Seeds

They are the whitish, black, brown seeds...

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Cumin Seeds

Cumin also known as Cuminum , Cyminum,...

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Baobab is the common name of Adansonia...

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Local market prices

ProductUnitPrice (SDG)Stock Location
Peanuts TON1000Khartoum
Arabic Gum TON785Omdurman
Alfalfa TON785Omdurman
Olibanum gumTON785Omdurman
Hibiscus flowerTON785Omdurman
Chickpea TON785Omdurman
Senna podsTON785Omdurman
Watermelon TON785Omdurman
Cumin seeds TON785Omdurman
Baobab TON785Omdurman

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DateBank RateBlack Market
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