Export Logistics (3PL)


Our Export service covers all aspects that must be met in order for your export shipping to be approved. We provide a quick and high-quality service to obtain all the necessary permits from the appropriate authorities. We ensure that your exported goods are cleared by the government.

Our export services go beyond just completing paperwork and getting it approved by authorities. We also offer logistical services to our clients, such as transporting of goods, handling export goods and ensuring that they are properly loaded on the vessel in Port Sudan, issuing all the certificates, assign and follow up with Inspection Company if needed. We keep our clients informed through effective communication.


  1. Issue the ministry of foreign trade Export contract.
  2. Issue EX form from the bank
  3. Transport of goods to Port.
  4. Issue the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO) certificates for the product.
  5. Issue shipment certificate (Certificate of Origin (COO), fumigation, Health Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate etc.) and follow up with private inspection companies if required.
  6. Container booking and stuffing.
  7. Provide the shipping line with the required documents and assuring the containers is on the vessel.

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