Arabic Gum

Arabic Gum (Acacia) is a dried exudation obtained from the stems and branches of Acacia Senegal or Acacia Seyal trees. Although there are over 1100 Acacia species worldwide, Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal continue to be the most commercially exploited species of the entire Acacia resource. Which can only be found in Sudan, Chad, Senegal, and Nigeria, as part of the Arabic Gum belt. Sudan is a major Arabic Gum exporter.  The areas of production is concentrated in the states of North Kordofan and Darfur.

Arabic Gum is widely used in the food and beverage industries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, Encapsulated Flavours, High Fiber Formulations, and painting.

Arabic Gum Specification

Acacia Senegal (Hashab)


Solubility              it’s highly soluble in water, gives up to 50% solution and insoluble in ethanol

Hydrolysis products        Passes test


Loss on drying                                   Not more than 15% (105C, 5h).

Total ash*                                           Not more than 4%

Specific rotation*                             (X )1 D  (-22°) to (-34°)

Nitrogen content*                          0.24 to 0.41%

Protein content*                             1.58 to 2.7% (N x 6.6)

Arsenic                                                 Not more than 3 mg/kg

Lead                                                      Not more than 10 mg/kg

Heavy metals                                     Not more than 40 mg/kg

6.2.9 Starch or dextrin                    Passes test

6 2.10 Tannin – bearing gums       Passes test

Acacia Seyal (Talha)       

Solubility              It is highly soluble in water, gives up to 50% solution and insoluble in ethanol.

Hydrolysis                           products Passes test.

Specific rotation               {.}D25C (+ 45) to (+ 60).


Loss on drying                   Not more than 15 %( 105C, 5hts).

Total ash*                                           Not more than 4%.

Nitrogen content*                          0. 106 to 0.156%.

Protein content*                             0.7 to 1 .00/0(N x 6.6).

Arsenic*                                              Not more than 3mg/kg.

Lead*                                                    Not more than 10mg/kg.

Heavy metals*                                  Not more than 40mg/kg.

Starch and dextrin                           Passes test.

Tannin – bearing gum                    Formation of a black precipitate indicates the presence of tannin


Salmone//a sp.                 Negative per test.

E.coli                                      Negative in lgm.

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Types we Offer:

  • Acacia Senegal (Hashab)
  • Acacia Seyal (Talha)


Backing and Export

We pack Arabic Gum in 25/50 KG PP bags, 22 metric tons in 20 feet containers.

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