Sesame Seeds

Sesame (sesamum indicum) is considered the oldest crop known to humanity, it’s known as a survivor crop given the conditions it grows in.

Sesame is an ancient oil crop supplying seed for confectionary purpose, edible oil, paste (Tahina) , Halva and bakery industry.
Sesame has important agricultural attributes. It is adapted to tropical and temperate conditions, grows well on stored soil moisture with minimal irrigation or rainfall and can produce good yield under high temperature.
Sudan produces a large percentage of the world total annual exports. Sesame in the Sudan is raise almost entirely under rain fed conditions, mainly in the Southern Kordofan , Kasala , white and blue Nile states, Sennar,  Gadarif and Darfur

Sesame Seeds come in different colours depending on the cultivar harvested,
Sudan exports three recognized grade:
White sesame:
Oil Content Min. 48%
Admixture Max.1%
Purity Min. 99%
Foreign matter Max. 1%
FFA Max. 2%
Other color seeds Max. 2%

Red sesame:
Oil Content Min. 52%
Admixture Max.1%
Purity Min. 99%
Foreign matter Max. 3%
FFA Max. 3%
Other color seeds Max. 3%


Mixed Sesame seeds:

Oil Content Min. 50%
Admixture Max.3%
Moisture Max. 6%
 Packing and Export:
Packing is done in 50 KG PP bags, and exported in 20 feet containers which will carry 19 metric tons.

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